Warranty Information

  • In the very unlikely event you receive an item from us broken you should notify the carrier then notify us on the day. DO NOT sign for items with damaged shipping packaging.  Doc Solder will not be obligated to replace or refund items damaged in transit which have been signed for.
  • Any ITEM or provided by Doc Solder which is covered by us under warranty will be replaced or refunded if defective due to poor materials or workmanship.  Any failure resulting from misuse, neglect or fair ware and tare is not covered under warranty.
  • Any device repaired and subsequently warrantied by Doc Solder will have in place fitted a tamper evident device which if removed, altered in any way or suspiciously damaged will void the Doc Solder warranty.
  • A Doc Solder warranty will be valid from the date of issue and will expire on the date listed on your warranty certificate or one (1) year from the date on your invoice..
  • A Doc Solder warranty is valid only for the device which was repaired and is not transferable, serial and model numbers along with other identification processes will be marked on your warranty certificate.  Attempting to transfer the warranty by copying the identification information from one device to another will void any remaining unexpired warranty and my lead to legal proceedings.
  • A Doc Solder warranty will be valid against issues related directly to the original repair or work carried out, failures other than those listed on your warranty certificate will not be covered.
  • A Doc Solder warranty is NOT insurance.
  • You should hold onto your Doc Solder warranty certificate/invoice and treat it as a receipt for goods, if you destroy, misplace or alter the document in ANY way the warranty will become void, Doc Solder cannot reissue certificates.
  • A Doc Solder warranty is transferable between private individuals ONLY with the express written consent of Doc Solder for equipment sold by Doc Solder.  Doc Solder will request the ORIGINAL warranty document to be presented so that the change of ownership can be noted.
  • Doc Solder is limited in liability up to the sale price where a Doc Solder warrantied device cannot be repaired or replaced.  In which case you will be provided with cheque, money order or back transfer for the warrantied amount.
  • Attempting to defraud Doc Solder warranties by deliberate damage will be treated as such, and you WILL be prosecuted for fraud.
  • If you are under 18 years of age a parent or guardian must be present when transferring the device to us and provide their contact information for the warranty certificate.  Persons under 18 will not be entered onto the warranty certificate.
  • Each issued certificate is unique, if you present a warranty certificate with identification marks different than those listed in our database the warranty claim will not be entertained.

Reviewed on 20/10/2015