• EC-360 Blue Thermal Pad

50mm X 50mm

Available in 0.5mm, 1.0mm and 1.5mm

This is a very high performance product developed by our friends in X-XE (formerly Xbox Xperts). Higher in fact than many thermal pastes. The large 50mm pad can be cut, brilliant for PCs, laptops and consoles. Use on RAM and processors. This an excellent product for electronic repairs were semiconductors need to be heat sinked and also electrically isolated from the heatsink as is the case in many chargers and SM power supplies.

A whopping thermal conductivity of: 5W/mK

Thermal Stability: -40 - 200 °C

Density: 2.45 g/cm³

Expansibility: 50%

Tear Resistance: 2.942 N/m²

Electrical Stability: 3200 V/mm

This really is one of the best thermal pads I have used.

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EC-360 Blue Thermal Pad

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