The Atlas ESR PLUS measures both the capacitance and Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR) of a capacitor. This model features a wider ESR measurement range and audible alerts too. The ESR is a great indicator of the capacitor's condition, as a capacitor fails, it's ESR rises. This advanced meter can measure ESR even in-circuit. It will measure capacitance too if the capacitor under test is out of circuit. Additionally, the ESR70 features audible alerts than gives you instant audible indication of the ESR across 3 thresholds allowing for easy analysis of multiple capacitors without the need to look at the display. A unique feature of the Atlas ESR is the ability to detect if the capacitor is charged, if the capacitor is charged then the Atlas ESR will gracefully discharge the capacitor using a constant power algorithm designed to prevent nasty discharge currents. The Atlas ESR will automatically detect when the test clips are applied to a capacitor and start it's analysis, great when testing many capacitors. Capacitance measurement range from 1uF to 22,000uF, enhanced ESR measurement range from 0.01 Ohms to 40.0 Ohms. Minimum ESR resolution is 0.01 Ohms. Can also be used for short circuit tracing. ESR test frequency is industry standard at 100kHz. Supplied with removable gold plated croc clips. Compatible with standard 2mm connectors. Complete with battery, test leads, gold plated crocs and user guide with capacitor ESR reference chart.

Key Features:

  • Audible alerts for ESR measurements of different values (<1Ω, <5Ω, >40Ω)
  • Automatic capacitor discharge function.
  • Measure both capacitance and ESR (equivalent series resistance).
  • Can be used for measuring low resistances such as short tracing.
  • Capacitance range from 1uF to 22,000uF.
  • ESR range from 0.01Ω to 40.0Ω.
  • Gold plated 2mm plugs and sockets.
  • Gold plated removable croc clips.






Peak test current into S/C





Peak test voltage, full scale ESR





Peak test voltage across O/C





Capacitance measurement range





Capacitance accuracy

±4% ±0.2μF


ESR measurement range


20Ω / 40Ω


ESR resolution for ESR < 2Ω





ESR resolution for ESR > 2Ω





ESR accuracy for ESR < 2Ω

±1.5% ±0.02Ω


ESR accuracy for ESR > 2Ω

±1.5% ±0.2Ω


Abuse voltage (for C < 10μF)





Abuse voltage (for C > 10μF)





Auto-Discharge voltage limit





Battery type

MN21/GP23A 12V Alkaline


Battery voltage range





Battery voltage warning threshold





Inactivity power-down period

30 seconds


Dimensions (excluding test leads)

103 x 70 x 20 mm



4.1" x 2.8" x 0.8"


Operating temperature range











  1. Subject to acceptable LCD visibility.

  2. Model ESR70 is capable of measuring up to 40Ω.

  3. Maximum abuse voltage rated limitation of internal protection electronics. Probes, leads and unit are not certified for high voltage use.

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Peak Atlas ESR70 ESR and Capacitance Meter with Audible Alerts

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